Poplar Forest Partners Fund

Established on December 31, 2009 our flagship fund is a U.S. focused, contrarian value fund designed to complement a core portfolio holding for long-term investors. The Fund seeks long-term growth of capital by investing primarily in equity securities of under-appreciated large and medium-sized companies and industries. Poplar Forest Partners is a concentrated portfolio of 25 to 35 stocks built without regard to the market cap or the sector weightings of the S&P 500®.


Poplar Forest Cornerstone Fund

Established on December 31, 2014 the Poplar Forest Cornerstone Fund is a balanced fund of U.S. focused equity and debt securities. The Fund may be suitable for long-term investors who seek a combination of both capital growth and preservation with less volatility than would generally be inherent in an all equity account.


Poplar Forest Outliers Fund

Established on December 31, 2014 the Poplar Forest Outliers Fund is a U.S. focused, contrarian value fund designed for long-term investors interested in the growth potential of under-appreciated medium and small sized companies and industries. The Fund may be suitable for investors who seek capital growth and are comfortable with the increased volatility that can come with these kinds of investments.


Active Share

How can investors know whether a portfolio is active or passive? One metric is called “Active Share.” Active Share measures the degree to which a fund’s portfolio differs from the holdings of its benchmark. The higher the active share number, the more active and independent a portfolio is from its benchmark. An Active Share score of 100, for example, indicates that a fund has perfect independence from its benchmark; an Active Share score of zero indicates that the fund is more like a passive index fund. Active Share is not a predictor of future performance.

Poplar Forest Partners Fund 93.0%
Poplar Forest Cornerstone Fund 91.5%
Poplar Forest Outliers Fund 96.0%